Work efficiently

Before you embrace online personal sales as a growth strategy, you need to first make sure your team can effectively manage customer satisfaction. ROBIN gives you one central team dashboard, for all customer conversations, with integrated eCommerce data, service level management, reporting and much more.

All channels in one
central dashboard

All customer conversations via email, live chat and phone neatly organized in one online team dashboard.

ROBIN inbox

All customer & order data
in one place

View conversation history, as well as up to date order, shipping & billing data right next to the customers' question.

Customer eCommerce data

Direct overview of
what's going on

See the number of answered and unanswered questions - per team member, per webstore - at a glance.

Direct team overview

Collaborate with your team and external partners

With ROBIN's internal chat you can easily collaborate with colleagues as well as external partners.

External collaboration

Instant search for customers, conversations and orders

With ROBIN's instant search functionality you can quickly find the right customer, order or conversation.

ROBIN search

reporting feed

ROBIN gives you an oData feed so you can decide yourself which reports you want to create.


So now you have grip on customer service. It’s time for the next level. Are you ready?

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