Turn your web store team into customer service super heroes

Every successful web store owner knows that great customer service leads to happier clients who buy more. But don’t worry. You don’t have to dress up like Batman to become a customer service super hero. What you need is the right attitude and the right tool to serve online shoppers in an outstanding way, manage customer satisfaction and build positive word of mouth.

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All-in-one customer service solution for web stores

ROBIN streamlines your entire customer service communication flow. While e-commerce customers can use any channel they want – such as email, web form, live chat or Twitter – web store teams use one central dashboard to respond.

Just one screen to manage customer conversations

You can use ROBIN with any shop platform. In addition, ROBIN offers integrations with leading e-commerce platforms. This allows us to display order- and client information right next to the customers question. This saves you time and increases the quality of service. In the same screen, you can also collaborate with team members to make sure you provide the best answer.

Customer Conversation
Click on an item in your personal inbox and we show you the screen you the conversation screen are looking at right now. In the left panel you see the entire conversation thread, satisfaction ratings, and automatic answer suggestions.

Customer conversation

Team Conversation
Sometimes you needs to check something with a colleague or make an internal note. You can easily do this in the middle panel of the conversation screen.

Team conversation

Customer & Information Data
Often your customers’ question is related to an order. So you need easy access to this data. In the panel on the right, you’ll find the customer’s conversation history as well as relevant order, shipping & billing data. Just click to edit the right data in your eCommerce backend.

Customer data

4 more reasons to start with ROBIN today

Team collaboration

Internal chat, case ownership, response time indicators, and much more. ROBIN has all the features that make life easier for web store teams.

E-Commerce integration

ROBIN shows order, billing and shipping information right next to the customer’s question. In the inbox, we also show you the customer lifecycle segment!

Multi-store & Multi-lingual

With ROBIN you can add multiple web stores to one customer service dashboard. Contact form and e-mail templates are all customizable per language!

Customized design

For ROBIN Business users, we offer design customization of our online contact form to offer your customers a fully uniform brand experience.

Save time by easily checking customers orders directly in Robin, would recommend to all. Great stuff!

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