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We are ROBIN. Not just a tool.

We believe in service. In personal service. The power of retail. In the heart of your website. Our team helps you implement, monitor, analyze and optimize. Together we move from ambition to result. More sales. That’s our promise.

Turn customer service into a money making operation

In a brick and mortar store an average of 20% of visitors convert in a sales. Online we only convert 2 or 3%. ROBIN helps you to close that gap by making your service just as personal as instore shopping.



All customer data and conversations, from all channels, in one central team dashboard


the question

Active and proactive personal customer contact at the right moment in the purchase process


Convert like
a retailer

Give your team the tools and data to help them convert conversations into orders


Work efficiently

When shoppers contact customer service, they want a fast, friendly and effective answer. ROBIN helps you efficienty manage and improve customer service. It allows you to start focusing on the next level in customer contact: personal sales.
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Agent desktop

Target the question

Live chatters convert 7.5x as much as non-chatters with much higher order values. With ROBIN you proactively invite shoppers for a conversation at exactly the right time in the shopping journey.
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Pro active

Convert like a retailer

Brick and mortar store convert 5 to 10x as many shoppers than online stores do. ROBIN gives your team the right tools and data to convert customer conversations into orders. Just like on the retail floor!
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