How we work

Our software instantly helps you deliver better, faster and more personal customer service. Sure, that gets you happier customers. But you are not in the ‘happy customers business’. You are in the eCommerce business. You also want to sell more. The ROBIN team helps you set goals, implement, monitor & optimize. We are your sidekick.

We mean business

Many eCommerce sites still send their customers to lenghty FAQ pages and take more than 24 hours to respond to emails. Today, online retailers set higher goals. Customer service helps them differentiate their brand, bring in new customers and boost retention.

At ROBIN, we believe in the power of personal service. Our software first helps you get grip on all customer conversations, from all channels. We then gradually and measurably start scaling out personal pro-active chat across your website.

How we start

We always kick-off our partnership with a personal conversation about your goals, ambitions and challenges. We then go and do some homework. We do a quick-scan of your website, competition, service proposition and analytics. We then come back to you with a business case proposal and a plan to reach our goals.


Implementing ROBIN is quick and painless. Our team helps you adjust settings, create templates, customize design and coordinate the integration with your eCommerce system. If needed, we build custom features for you. Before we go live, we help you prepare your staff and deliver optional sales training.


In the Quick-scan we identify where and how to best start with live chat and pro-active live chat. For instance in the shopping cart, or on the product pages with the highest chance of conversion. So you book instant results. We help you monitor and analyze. We help you adjust triggers and fine-tune messaging. We train your people.

Contact us

We are easily approachable, passionate about eCommerce and love to inspire on personal service & sales. Feel free to contact anyone of us via our team page. We are based in The Netherlands, Europe, we’re always online during business hours, and we respond pretty fast to e-mails. Unless we’re sleep. Which is usually at night ;)

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Patrick Speijers

CEO & Co-Owner